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How can I tell if the fish being sold is fresh?

It should smell like the ocean and not like fish, and the flesh should be firm; it should spring back when you touch it with your finger.

Salmon, Fresh Seafoo, Wild and Farm RaisedWhy is it important that shellfish you purchase is certified?
New York State requires that all shellfish sold be certified fresh. Montondo's is a HACCP approved seafood supplier and complies with all rules and regulations regarding the resale of fresh shellfish from certified waters.

What is the average "shelf life" of fresh fish and what is the best way to store it?
Fresh fish should be cooked and consumed 2-3 days after purchase. For best results keep fish in coldest part of cooler and maintain at 33-34 degrees. Fish can be frozen and kept up to 4 months at 0 degrees. Shell fish should not be kept in a airtight container. It is best to store shell fish in a container covered with a damp cloth to maintain moisture  

Some fish are marked farm raised and some are marked wild...what's the quality difference?
Hard question to answer, we believe the most important question is taste. If the fish doesn't taste good, no other attributes matter.

Why are scallops sometimes sold as dry or water added?
The FDA rule is no more than 82% water by weight can be sold as dry scallops, if water exceeds 83% they must be labeled water added.

If you have any further questions, we're here to answer them for you.

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