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We're a well-run, fully-computerized HACCP approved supplier. We're large enough to buy just as competitively as many of the "giants," yet small enough to Fresh Fish and Seafood Wholesale and Take Out in Lockport and WNYguarantee attentive, dependable, localized service with flexibility to meet your specific seafood requirements. Our modern fleet of refrigerated trucks and courteous drivers can provide deliveries of our seafood to our wholesale customers in the WNY region.

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Western New York food service operators are looking for a local alternative. So if you are tired of unreliability, downgraded service or are just looking for a higher quality product please give us a try for 30 days and we're sure you will get hooked!

We are a well run, service oriented modern distributor offering not only the finest fish and seafoods, but also an array of top foodservice products from leading manufacturers. Names that you know and trust. At Montondo's, friendly, helpful and informative salespeople will take the hassle out of ordering and obtaining the foodservice items you need.

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Preserving Freshness at the Restaurant

Proper temperatures will maintain that delicate, just caught freshness. Take pains to keep the temperature of the fish near 32 degrees. The following procedures are recommended:

  • Keep fish in container with lid tightly on to avoid dehydration.
  • Place ice around all four sides of container and keep in cooler to achieve 32 degree goal.
  • Cut portions in cooler if at all possible to minimize loss of temperature.
  • Do not place ice directly on fillet and prevent direct contact with melted water.
  • Minimize time fillets are left in kitchen - cover with polysheets to prevent air spoilage.
  • Do not over order - best to be temporarily out of something than to serve something that may disappoint the customer.

Rule of thumb states that in a 24 hour period for 2 degrees above 32 you hold fish you lose one day shelf life. The maximum shelf life is 12 days from hook to skillet. Hence, if you hold fish at 40 degrees, you lose four days shelf life and there may be only six to eight days shelf life available to start with.

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